Sales Coaching: The Most Important Thing That Never Happens

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Ask most sales leaders how important coaching is to their sales forces, and they’ll respond with a resounding “Sales coaching is critical!” Ask most sales managers how important coaching is to the performance of their sellers, and they too will throw a vote for “Critical!” However, if you then ask their salespeople how much coaching they are actually receiving, they’ll shrug their shoulders and say, “Not enough.”Koffie

Though I doubt you’d argue strongly against this characterization, I’ll offer a concrete example to bring the point to life. One of our Fortune 500 clients had invested heavily over the course of five years in teaching their sales managers how to coach. In fact, the 124 sales managers in their sales force had completed 401 courses on coaching during that time period (3.2 courses each), taking the managers out of the field for an estimated 5,000 hours! As you can see, senior leadership really wanted their sales managers to coach their sellers. They wanted it so badly that they invested heavily to make it happen. So what did senior leadership receive for that investment?  >>Lees hier verder>>